2011 Annual Conference and Members‘ Meeting of the TEI Consortium

Philology in the Digital Age: 2011 Annual Conference and Members' Meeting of the TEI Consortium
Würzburg, 10-16 October

Im Rahmen eines Publink-Projektes zur RDF-Publikation der Metadaten der Neuen Deutschen Biographie, beteilige ich mich zusammen mit Matthias Reinert von der Historischen Kommission der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften mit einem Micropaper an der diesjährigen Internationalen TEI-Konferenz. TEI steht für Text Encoding Initiative.

Der Vortrag wird am 15.10. von Matthias Reinert gehalten. Von Seiten der AKSW nimmt Martin Brümmer an der Konferenz teil.

Mapping metadata of TEI-encoded biographies to CIDOC-CRM

Reinert, Matthias; Riechert, Thomas

While publishing online two digitised biographical dictionaries containing biographies for about 40.000 historical persons in 47.000 articles a major challenge is to make the data available. Beside presenting the material freely available online and porting metadata into academic search engines and OA-registries we choosed to create Linked Open Data out of our biographical repository. Funded by PUBLINK (part of LOD2.eu) the AKSW helped us to provide biographical metadata in RDF. Thanks to having almost all persons aligned with the German Name Authority File (PND, already part of LOD), adding to a majority of places of birth and death identified in Geodatabases (OpenStreetMap) we created a first set of common ontologies (FOAF, DCMES) to express statements like „was born in“, „died in“, „knows“.

In a second step we defined a set of mapping rules to CIDOC-CRM (actually using the OWL-DL variant Erlangen CRM). Motivation has been

  • to maintain easy interoperability with Europeana and the emerging Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (German Digital Library)
  • to be able to use semantic wikis (Wiss-KI.eu, Ontowiki.net, SMW+ recently in evaluation) assisting the redaction and correction of our content as well as „content-enrichment“.