Poster Gallery Semantic Web

On Monday 07.03.2017 the results of individual projects as part of Semantic Web (Master) module are presented by posters.

The posters can still be viewed as an exhibition until 31st August 2017 in the corridor of the 5th floor.

A total of 25 different posters will be presented, with questions like,

  • Link between the area of nature reserves, the use of camping sites and the number of registered mobile homes in the federal states
  • Relationship between turnover and the number of players of a free-to-play title as well as the GDP of a country and its population
  • Correlation of the days with power failures in German cities and the rates of birth on these days taking into account the respective weather
  • Dogs-friendly neighborhoods of the city of Leipzig
  • Worldwide correlation between internet, corruption and income distribution
  • Relation between the number of students of international universities and activity of students on GitHub
  • Relationship between the present calm in an area and the associated rental for cities with more than 25 McDonald's outlets
  • Semantic search: worthwhile districts for photographing in Leipzig (sights, old factories, weather)