computerspielenachtOn April 29th at 2 pm, after the Study information day of the HTWK, starts the 11th Night of computer games. Within the scope of the event, more than 20 individual events are held around the topics of computer games, consoles and robotics. More than 100 computers, real game machines, as well as board games and exhibitions, exposed on three floors in the Lipsiusbau of the HTWK. The night of  computer games is organized in co-operation between employees and students of the faculties Media and Informatics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

The UNINETTUNO is inspired by the teaching model of NETTUNO Consortium, through which thousands of students since 1992 have graduated from a distance thanks to the adoption of telematics, and the international project MedNet'U (Mediterranean Network of Universities), funded by the European Commission under the EUMEDIS program, for the creation of a Euro-Mediterranean distance University.

It was established by decree of 15 April 2005 by the Ministry of Education, University and Research and releases academic qualifications legally recognized in Italy, Europe and some Mediterranean countries.

It has established links and collaboration agreements with universities around the world, which in some cases also lead to the provision of joint academic degrees or double degrees.

HTWK is Partner within LMPI-Project


The LMPI project seeks to establish e-learning Bachelor's and Master's degrees for the protection of computer systems and networks in three Partner Countries, Vietnam, Moldova and Kazakhstan. In order to bridge skills gaps at both technician and engineering levels, the partners will develop a lifelong learning program in this area for employers. The curriculum to be developed will meet the needs of private companies which are seeking specialists to protect themselves against cybercrime.

As one of the celebrations of its 100th anniversary the UT Connewitz shows the fascination of cinemas in the form of an exhibition. The topics bundling through the history of UT Connewitz, range from the development of cinema art to the work of the UT Connewitz e.V. association. Centrepiece of the presentation are cinematographic projectors from all eras of the past 100 years, collected by Otto Semmler.

During the exhibition I will be present at the UT from September, 8th to September, 10th. I will explain the projectors and like to prepare and project 35mm movie trailers, together with visitors.

More Informationen at UT Connewitz e.V.

SoftWiki is a methodology for gathering requirements in the early phases of software development projects. Incomplete or even false requirements can often be corrected only with considerable effort in hindsight. Therefore, the specific finding and developing of requirements is of great importance for any kind of development projects.

The SoftWiki projects platform can now requirements for their own projects will be collected. The focus is primarily public projects are a large number of stakeholders involved.

When I tried to get the TAZ newspaper readable on my HTC Hero with Android 1.5 tested some different applications. Here I describe the easiest and most convenient way to read the TAZ at this device.

(1) Subscribe to the DigiTAZ

(2) Installing the Book Reader from the Android Marketplace

(3) Daily download of the latest TAZ and import in the Book Reader.

  • Bookmark
  • Select E-Book mit Faksimiles
  • Click the desired newspaper in .epub format.
  • Enter DigiTAZ-subscription number and password for the first time.
  • get.php is downloading.
  • To import to the book reader: click get.php in the download list.

Recently the TAZ wrote about our research: Wie das Wissen System bekommt

12th Dresdner Schmalfilmtage - Film Festival | 20 to 22 January 2011
in the Motorenhalle. Project Centre for Contemporary Art in Dresden

Press Release

The approximately 800 people in the Motorenhalle get a lot around the world at this year's Dresdner Schmalfilmtage film festival. The following evening, they traveled with music legend Fred Frith on fields in foreign countries, enjoyed the music and the impressions Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel captured with her cine-camera. A film with the strength to devote to following the same of their own creativity. And that chance is the festival audience was quick during Fridriksson Iceland round trip. You may wonder just what we all begin to think in 79 minutes of pictures of a landscape Sun What may be really Iceland? umqueren all 12 meters, a frame, 24 frames per second = 288 meters per second, 17 280 meters per minute, 1.36512 million meters in 79 minutes of film = Iceland on the ring road is 1365 km at its own bill to create. One has the calculated, the question is spreading, there are really 24 frames per second, or at least 18 pictures? And then the resolution: the ring road in Iceland 1336 km long. And all were in the Motorenhalle lets say they have done this route: in 79 minutes!

The second festival day certain to travel to the Portuguese small film, punk and art scene, presented by producer Rodrigo Areias. During the same time as the superb musicians played in Porto "The Legendary Tigerman" in the sold-out Coliseum, Dresdner see in the Motorenhalle, the schmalfilm that make his stage show so unique. After then, the long-awaited second edition of the live setting. A spectacle! Jens Vetter has made it to the cheers of the audience with his Theremin, add sound to a flower and a budgie and convinced that the jury consisting of director Nicolas Humbert, Berlin filmmaker and musician André Dagie Brundert alabaster. The festival without a live setting can imagine no more. But the journey to the extremes this year has not shrunk. By Thorsten Fleisch, the audience was even very close. The produced with the exception of the artist's own blood surprised the visitors.

The Festival Saturday opened with the traditional children's program and showed plenty of heroes from drawing and puppet animation films from the DEFA studios, followed by the question of conscience Kodachrome or ORWO Color that generated a passionate debate among the experts present, and captivated the audience. After then re-crossing the border towards the Super8 Italian cinema with the Zapruder Film Maker Group. They presented a cross-section of films influenced by Italian Renaissance art and surrealism and with memories of the early works of David Lynch.

The finale was reached on Saturday evening. It was time again for international competition Super8/16. The festival audience cheered the competitors. This year a program as diverse as ever. The jury of the Italian filmmaker Nadia Ranocchi, Jutta will of the AG's short film, the Portuguese producer Rodrigo Areias and the German filmmaker Thorsten Fleisch gave the jury the movie "Wednesday evening," by Thomas Reinelt, a wonderful animated film, the quirkiness of his characters presented in the best light. The audience award was won by the film "For Plus-X of the Portuguese Paulo Abreu". »LIFTN" by Constantin Hartenstein was elected by the enthusiastic audience at the second place and received by the jury because of its precision cut an honorable mention. In third place was the audience at the film "Natasha" by Anja Strelets.

With the final party in the Motorenhalle ended the 12th Dresdner Schmalfilmtage film festival in the night from Saturday to Sunday and proved once again that the first German address for the international cine.

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Here I would like to give a brief instruction on quickly craft a Christmas present. The result can be both very serious or trash.

(1) Find a public Google Calendar by someone, own calendar or open a new calendar and add Holidays and moon phases.

(2) Prints each month individually A4 in landscape format.

(3) Find public image of someone, or your own images e.g. at Picasa.

(4) Prints these images in A4 landscape format with captions from.

(5) Glue the printed images to the appropriate calendar leaves.

(6) The calendar is now ready.

Ein charmanter und zugleich informativer Artikel über Aksw sowie über seine Forschungsprojekte und Erfolge erschien in der März-Ausgabe des Leipziger Stadtmagazins Kreuzer. Interessierte Leser können den Artikel der Printversion sowie die gekürzte Version im Online-Magazin hier finden:

Viel Vergnügen beim Lesen.

At this year Leipzig Book Fair from 18 to 21/03/2010, the books “Agiles Requirements Engineering für Softwareprojekte mit einer großen Anzahl verteilter Stakeholder” and “Catalogus Professorum Lispsiensis. Konzeption, technische Umsetzung und Anwendungen für Professorenkataloge im Semantic Web” will be part of the presentation of scientific publications of the University of Leipzig. One of the editors, Thomas Riechert, is at the 19/03/2010 from 10 to 12 clock present at G201/H200 (Hall 3). Appointments my be arranged in advance by e-mail ( or by phone ( 0341 97 32323).