Thomas Riechert, Fan Zhang, and Sören Auer. Integration des SoftWiki-Ansatzes in das Cofundos-Entwicklungsmodell. In Sören Auer, Kim Lauenroth, Steffen Lohmann, and Thomas Riechert, editors, Agiles Requirements Engineering für Softwareprojekte mit einer großen Anzahl verteilter Stakeholder, volume XVIII of Leipziger Beiträge zur Informatik, pages 109-116. Leipziger Informatik-Verbund (LIV), 2009.

This diploma theses is about the project “Professor's catalogue of the university of Leipzig”. The professor's catalogue contains biogrammes of professors who have taught at Leipzig in the 19th and 20th century. An ontology vocabulary has been developed for the professor's catalogues. Administration and editing of the biographic information is carried out by the historians in the chair of "Lehrstuhl für Neuere und Neueste Geschichte" of the university of Leipzig. The software OntoWiki is used which is developed at the research group "Agile knowledge engineering and Semantic Web" (AKSW) at the Institute for Computer Science at the university of Leipzig.

The dates collected using the within the semantic data wiki - OntoWiki are exported with the help of the tool TOWEL for the presentation on the university web page. TOWEL stands for ”Lightweight Ontology web export tool“. The tool was developed by Friederike Bulka and is an main topic of this theses. It general enables to export any ontology and to transfer the dates therefore in a relational database. During the export data can be modified and filtered. The filter possibilities allow to exclude sensitive dates as for example passwords or user's names of the export if these are not needed for the web site.

Moreover, beside the tool and different ranges of application, the idea of an ontology vocabulary to describe historical persons is introduced in the theses. The most recent used vocabularies like FOAF or biology refer to living people. However, for the historical research it is important to store relevant information of died people. In the past there were other graduations which information was important. Thus long time was the occupation of the father an important clue for the stand of the family. Such and other information must be able to be registered in the profile of a historical personality, so that can be done research in these data.

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