The First DBpedia community meeting will be held at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on 30 January 2014. The focus of the meeting in addition is on the use of DBpedia in different areas. In a break-out session on Exploring the connection of DBpedia to Library and Cultural Heritage questions regarding use of DBpedia in the context of libraries will be discussed in the afternoon.

Scientific work with digital media such as online publications and scientific databases, is leading to new areas of research and new methodological approaches. It expands research both through novel access method and a large amount of available information. One aspect is linking of such media and databases on the web using the Linked Open Data paradigm consequently, semantic interoperability can be achieved through an alignment of vocabularies in the context of each research domains.

The focus of the workshop is on vocabularies of different domains within the humanities and social sciences, its development and publication on the Web, as well as alignment methods. The workshop addresses both scientists in the field of humanities and social science, IT experts in libraries and computer scientists. ...continue reading CfP: Workshop on OWL vocabularies within the context of digital collaboration in research

As part of the project "Development of a data management platform for Linked Open Library Data and Eletronic Resource Management" funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the AKSW research group is collaborating with scientists at the University Library in Leipzig and the Saxon State and University Library on the develop of a triple store based data management platform. We are looking for experience developers to join the team.

The I-SEMANTICS 2013, the 9th International Conference on Semantic Systems, brings together both researchers and practitioners in the fields of Semantic Technologies, Linked Data and the Semantic Web.

As part of the I-SEMANTICS 2013 the “I-CHALLENGE”, which brings to you the 6th Linked Data Cup (formerly Triplification Challenge) will hold.
In order to bring the research fields of knowledge discovery, social computing, and semantic technologies together the I-SEMANTICS Conference will be held together with the I-KNOW Conference, the 13th International Conference on Knowledge Technologies.

The Linked Data Browser (LDB) supports easy browsing of Linked  Data sources. The project was a project in software engineering practice at the Institute for computer science in the Summer Semester 2010.

As a result, a software and a Showcase is created.


  • Haijiang Yuan
  • Yuan Zhang

Project Adviser:

  • Thomas Riechert


The Idea of this plugin is to include info boxes in WP posts and pages. On Wikipedia info boxes are used to provide semantically structured content. Following features should be supported: visualisation of info box content; on the fly forms generation when editing posts; providing rdf-code for each post and visualisation of simple SPARQL queries in posts.