Bücher auf der Buchmesse The following two books will be presented at the 14th Leipzig Book Fair Academy from 14th to 17th March 2013 (10 am - 5 pm) .

  • Eine Methodologie für agiles und kollaboratives Requirements-Engineering. volume 33 of Leipziger Beiträge zur Informatik p. 245. Leipziger Informatik-Verbund (LIV), Leipzig, Germany, Juli 2012. ISBN: 978-3-941608-20-7. BibTex | PDF

  • Schmidt, Johannes and Riechert, Thomas and Auer, Sören, editors: Dritte Studentenkonferenz Informatik Leipzig 2012. volume 34 of Leipziger Beiträge zur Informatik p. 150. Leipziger Informatik-Verbund (LIV), Leipzig, Germany, September 2012. ISBN: 978-3-941608-21-4. BibTex | PDF

The books are among the 200 books, which exhibited at the Leipzig Book Fair 2013, out of 5,000 that are published in 2012 during academic work at the University of Leipzig, which exhibited at the Leipzig Book Fair 2013. If interested, I'm happy to answer questions about the books also during the exhibition. I ask for prior appointment by e-mail.

Neue Messe, Halle 3, Stand G201/H200

Here I also want to draw attention to the presentation of the radio play Jan and Rico, which was produced by Annett Riechert.

17th March 2013 | 10:30 am: Forum Hörbuch + Literatur, Halle 3, Stand B500

Bachelor's degree in computer science students of the University of Leipzig in the software engineering internship in the 4th Semester developed a exchange platform for childcare places, which is now officially passed over to test mode. During the internship, the group of 7 students realized the platform http://www.kitaplatztausch.gesamtelternrat-leipzig.de along the software development process.

The work was iniciated by parents Gesamtelternrat der Stadt Leipzig. Using the web-based tool SoftWiki were jointly togehter with the parents' representatives and the Jugendamt of the city of Leipzig elicitated requirements. This was followed by the development of a prototype and modeling using object-oriented analysis.

Using the paradigm of "Programming in Pairs" from the Extreme Programming engineering method, the platform was then implemented within 5 weeks. The installation and acceptance took place in autumn 2012.

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Riechert, Thomas, editors: Eine Methodologie für agiles und kollaboratives Requirements-Engineering. volume 33 of Leipziger Beiträge zur Informatik p. 245. Leipziger Informatik-Verbund (LIV), Leipzig, Germany, Juli 2012. ISBN: 978-3-941608-20-7. BibTex


The specification of requirements is a decisive phase in the software engineering process. A special challenge is the collaboration with prospective users of the software application or service. Therefore, the most important step is the development of a common understanding among all stakeholders of the software development process, e.g. through elicitation, priorization and discussion of requirements among users, software developers, project managers or service providers. This thesis introduces the SoftWiki methodology for implementing a requirements engineering process. The presented methodology is based on research within the fields of agile software engineering and agile knowledge engineering. The SoftWiki methodology includes a formal requirements engineering vocabulary based on the description language OWL, a prototype for the realisation of the methodology and a process for information integration in the general software development process. An application scenario in which the described problem occurs, concerns especially web applications, that are typically used by large, distributed online communities, as well as open source projects and their communities where software developers, users and integrators develop software in collaboration. Other application scenarios include cross-functional software applications in large enterprises as well as applications in E-Government. An evaluation of the methodology applied in these fields is provided within this thesis.

An overview of the version history of the OntoWiki project. Your comments, additions to the table and stories of personal experiences with OntoWiki are welcome :-).

Version Veröffentlichung Plugin-Support Repository Announcement
Powl_OntoWiki 0.94 2006-11-07 - Sourceforge.net Announcement
Powl_OntoWiki 0.95 2007-03-13 - Sourceforge.net Announcement
OntoWiki 0.6 2007-04-29 Ja Sourceforge.net Announcement
OntoWiki 0.7 2007-07-21 Ja Sourceforge.net Announcement
OntoWiki 0.7.1 2007-08-16 Ja Sourceforge.net Announcement
OntoWiki 0.8.5 2008-06-10 Ja Sourceforge.net Announcement
OntoWiki 0.8.6 2008-09-08 Ja Sourceforge.net Announcement
OntoWiki 0.9 2009-08-06 Ja code.google.com Announcement
OntoWiki 0.9.5 2010-06-14 Ja code.google.com Announcement
OntoWiki 0.9.6 2011-09-01 Ja github.com

The project aims to develop an extension for OntoWiki. This will allow users to invite outside persons, both for individual resources. Applications present here the distributed collection of requirements with SoftWiki.

The latest demonstration platform for the SoftWiki tools has been updated. The installation is available at

The platform also provides hosting of requirement engineering projects. The current version has included a visualization module. Based on the assumption that glossary terms are reflected directly in a project model (class diagram). The module allows tracking the effects of new requirements for the project model.

The current stable version of the SoftWiki tool is now hosted on the platform Bitbucket.

Bitbucket offers a Mercurial repository, wiki, issue tracker and download area.
The repository consists of a stable OntoWiki version 0.85 in the download area and source code, which together will override this version.

A conversion of the repository versioning has been adjusted. The current version based on OntoWiki (was version 1.05) is now

  • SoftWiki Version 10.

We are currently working on a version 11 which is then based on the current OntWiki-Realease.

SoftWiki is a methodology for gathering requirements in the early phases of software development projects. Incomplete or even false requirements can often be corrected only with considerable effort in hindsight. Therefore, the specific finding and developing of requirements is of great importance for any kind of development projects.

The SoftWiki projects platform can now requirements for their own projects will be collected. The focus is primarily public projects are a large number of stakeholders involved.

SoftWiki supports, with respect to software requirements, the cooperation of all the people involved in the software development process. Potentially very large and spatially separate stakeholder groups are enabled to gather, semantically enrich, classify and aggregate software requirements in an easy manner.

At this year Leipzig Book Fair from 18 to 21/03/2010, the books “Agiles Requirements Engineering für Softwareprojekte mit einer großen Anzahl verteilter Stakeholder” and “Catalogus Professorum Lispsiensis. Konzeption, technische Umsetzung und Anwendungen für Professorenkataloge im Semantic Web” will be part of the presentation of scientific publications of the University of Leipzig. One of the editors, Thomas Riechert, is at the 19/03/2010 from 10 to 12 clock present at G201/H200 (Hall 3). Appointments my be arranged in advance by e-mail (riechert@informatik.uni-leipzig.de) or by phone ( 0341 97 32323).