This project prepares and starts the commercial exploitation of the semantic collaboration software OntoWiki in the three different target markets Enterprise Knowledge Management, semantically enhanced content management for E-Learning and E-Tourism. OntoWiki is a comprehensive semantic collaboration platform. OntoWiki is open-source software and a Web application, which can be installed at any Web space and accessed by an ordinary Web browser. Onto­Wiki facilitates the visual presentation of a knowledge base as an information map, with different views on instance data. It enables intuitive authoring of semantic content, with an inline editing mode for editing semantic content, similar to WYSIWIG for text documents. OntoWiki is developed at Universität Leipzig and has a large and active user base. Within the course of the project OntoWiki will be further developed and adopted to the needs of the SME participants for exploitation of OntoWiki in the prospective target markets.

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With the Linked Open Data Around-The-Clock (LATC) Support Action leverage the Linking Open Data cloud for research and product purposes will be enabled by:

  • Deploying a 24/7 infrastructure to continuously monitor and improve the quality of data links within the Linking Open Data cloud.
  • Lowering the access-barrier for data publishers as well as data consumers. We assemble and maintain a library of open source Linked Data tools and provide a data source inventory to the community.
  • Creating and maintaining an in-depth test-bed for data intensive applications by publishing datasets produced by the European Commission, the European Parliament, and other European institutions as Linked Data on the Web and by interlinking them with other governmental data.
  • Supporting both institutions as well as individuals with tutorials and best practices concerning Linked Data publication and consumption.

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The outputs of this project will range from sci-tech to socio-economic areas by providing new technologies and an underlying scientific basis for these and by applying these new technologies to a number of Semantic Web areas experiencing commercial (enterprise search, media and publishing), scientific (extraction, interlinking, ontology classification and fusion methods), and sociological (community knowledge, integration in social networks, eGovernment) success at present. The project aims to contribute high-quality interlinked versions of public Semantic Web data sets, promoting their use in new cross-domain applications by developers across the globe. The new technologies for enabling scalable management of Linked Data collections in the many billions of triples will raise the state of the art of Semantic Web data management, both commercial and open-source, providing opportunities for new products and spin-offs, and make RDF a viable choice for organizations worldwide as a premier data management format. The algorithms and (open-source) tools that the project will develop for data cleaning, linking and fusing will help creating and bootstrapping new data sets in domains that go much beyond the direct applications and data sets developed in the context of this project, to reach the overall goal of the project of making Linked Data the model of choice for next-generation IT systems and applications.

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