Within the scope of the research of the Chair of Newer and Newest History to the celebration of 600 anniversary the University of Leipzig, information was collected about more than 1300 professors.

For historians it is not possible just to use knowledge engineering systems oder databases if the technology is not established for it. From this Situation the research group Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web (AKSW) of the Institute of Informatics and the Chair of Newer and Newest History at the Historical Seminar of the University of Leipzig started a cooperation in 2007.

The Project is based on Semantic Web technologies and uses a methodology based on wiki concepts.

The five-yearly "International Congress of Historical Sciences" will be held in 2010 in Amsterdam. The comprehensive program also includes a "Sub-Conference of the International Commission for the History of Universities", Utrecht. Prof. Dr. Leen Dorsman of interdisciplinary, scientific historical Descartes Centre of the University of Utrecht on 23 invites August 2010 to a colloquium on "Discipline Formation and the Universities". Christian Augustin is an example of the Leipzig professor catalog to refer to selected aspects of the development of scientific disciplines, of course, including the fantastic research facilities in Leipzig next project "course catalogs as sources disciplinary science organized by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Johannes Schneider

The conference book

Martina Schattkowsky / Frank Metasch (Hrsg.), Biografische Lexika im Internet (Bausteine aus dem Institut für Sächsische Geschichte und Volkskunde 14), Dresden 2009

(Biographical encyclopaedias on the Internet) has been published. This book also includes the article

Christian Augustin, Beatrix Kuchta, Ulf Morgenstern und Thomas Riechert, Datenbank und Website "catalogus professorum lipsiensis". Ein sozialstatistisches Analyseinstrumentarium und seine Repräsentation im Netz. Stand und Perspektiven eines universitätsgeschichtlichen Projekts, S.167-183

(Database and Website "catalogus professorum lipsiensis". A social-statistical analysis instruments and his representation in the web. State of the art and perspectives of a university-historical project).