This year’s SEMANTiCS conference which is taking place between September 12 – 15, 2016 in Leipzig recently invited for the submission of research papers on semantic technologies. Several AKSW members seized the opportunity and got their submitted papers accepted for presentation at the conference.

These are listed below:

  • Executing SPARQL queries over Mapped Document Stores with SparqlMap-M (Jörg Unbehauen, Michael Martin )
  • Distributed Collaboration on RDF Datasets Using Git: Towards the Quit Store (Natanael Arndt, Norman Radtke and Michael Martin)
  • Towards Versioning of Arbitrary RDF Data (Marvin Frommhold, Ruben Navarro Piris, Natanael Arndt, Sebastian Tramp, Niklas Petersen and Michael Martin)
  • DBtrends: Exploring query logs for ranking RDF data (Edgard Marx, Amrapali Zaveri, Diego Moussallem and Sandro Rautenberg)
  • MEX Framework: Automating Machine Learning Metadata Generation (Diego Esteves, Pablo N. Mendes, Diego Moussallem, Julio Cesar Duarte, Maria Claudia Cavalcanti, Jens Lehmann, Ciro Baron Neto and Igor Costa)

The semantics is unique in its kind in Europe and reflects the fact that semantic information systems are used more often. Linked Data applications and methods of the Semantic Web enables companies and big organizations to link information and to make it searchable.

The conference was primarily organized this year by the research group Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web. In addition to the main conference, there will be various workshops and events in Paulinum the University of Leipzig from Monday to Wednesday. The pre-conference events are free of charge!

The SEAMNTiCS addresses users from industry and administration as well as developers, researchers and consultants. With the slogan 'Transfer / Engineering / community' in numerous talks and workshops concrete applications for industries, such as pharmaceuticals, media and automotive industries that use Linked Data or text mining technologies, will be discussed.

Steffen Lohmann, Philipp Heim, Sören Auer, Sebastian Dietzold, and Thomas Riechert. Semantifying Requirements Engineering – The Softwiki Approach. In Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Semantic Technologies (I-SEMANTICS '08), J.UCS, pages 182-185, 2008.